With the rapid strides in manufacturing, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Construction of ultra-luxurious apartments and major corporate offices, some cities of the world have become the go to destinations of every professional who yearns for a lavish life with an equally good pay. And who does not like the glittering night life of mega cities? So here we are with a list of the cities where one is likely to earn the most money and make the most of comforts the world has to offer.

Deutsche Bank has compiled a list of cities where the income is highest after paying up the rent i.e. the income left at your disposal to spend as your desires command!! For this upheaval task, it has converted the services and products value into US Dollars. Crowd sourcing is the most used means for its input data. The average salaries are counted which implies that mega cities figure more on the list as they have more number of professionals working on elevated salaries.

San Francisco emerges at the top beating last year’s champion Zurich due to boost in U.S. tech sector, a surge of greenback (it means US Dollar, fellas!!) against Euro ( 20% up). However Zurich still reigns the top post for quality of life index and in close to number one for cost of goods and services on plate.

The top highest earning cities as of monthly salaries are:

RankingCityCountryEarnings in USD (2019)
1San FranciscoUS6526
3.New York CityUS4612
10.LondonUnited Kingdom2956


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