Akash-1S missile successfully test fired by DRDO from the Odisha coast


DRDO on Monday achieved another significant milestone by successfully test firing new version of Akash surface to air defence missile system fitted with indigenous seeker. The Akash-1S is new version of Akash missile. The test fire of Akash-1S was carried out in Balasore off the Odisha coast.

About Akash missile

  1. The medium range mobile surface to air missile Akash is developed by DRDO and is produced by Ordnance Factory Board, Bharat Dynamics Limited and Bharat Electronics Limited.
  2. The Akash missile has capability to destroy air targets like fighter jets, ballistic missiles, air to surface missiles, drones and cruise missiles.
  3. The Akash missile flies at an supersonic speed of Mach 2.5.
  4. The Akash missile can hit the aircraft upto 30 km and at an altitude of 18000m.
  5. With its advanced technology, Akash missile is capable of protecting a moving convoy of vehicles.
  6. The Akash missile is equipped with Ramjet rocket propulsion system which increases missile speed upto Mach 6.
  7. The Akash missile is equipped with Rajendra radar termed as battery level radar with its range upto 60 km.
  8. The countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Belarus and Thailand have shown interest in purchasing Akash missile system.


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