Tricolour Flies High At SpaceX with Team Avishkar Leading the March

Image: IIT Madras

IIT Madras becomes the only institute from Asia to shortlist as Finalists.

SpaceX, a renowned space exploration firm founded by Elon Musk has been leading the path of developing new modes of transportation to be used for long distance travel in future as well for outer space travel. It has set ambitious goals of developing a hyper loop system for Earth and developing rockets and space shuttles which can ferry humans to space at relatively affordable costs. A very prestigious competition is organized by SpaceX which invites the young minds from universities all over the world to contribute towards this phenomenal technology of Hyper Loop. IIT Madras Team Avishkar comprising of 30 members is the only team from entire Asian continent to make it to top 21 finalist teams.

The final goal of the competition is to develop a “pod” i.e. the travelling vessel for hyper loop which should have maximum acceleration and comparative deceleration as well. The team has conceptualized the application of linear induction motor built on a power train. The team is confident of attaining sustainable high speed for their prototype. The final test of the competition is to run the pod in 1 mile long vacuumed hyper loop channel with demonstrating successful deceleration within the same length.

This is huge milestone for India, as we are the only country representing Asian continent in the competition at California, USA. Team Avishkar has proved that the innovative mettle of Indian students and universities is at par with leading global institutions. The research institutes and government should promote this innovative spirit by recognizing this achievement and supporting it morally and financially. We, as a society too have to recognize the rising competence of our own universities and the capabilities which our students show which is at par with global tech community.


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