Everything you need to know about India’s first Apache attack helicopter

Image: Airliners

The Boeing aircraft manufacturers on Friday handed over first Apache advanced multi role attack helicopter to Indian Air Force in an ceremony organized at Boeing production facilities in Arizona, United states. The handover ceremony was attended by Air Marshal AS Butola on behalf of Indian Air Force. In September 2015 the Indian Air Force entered into contract with US Government and Boeing for purchase of 22 Apache attack helicopters. India will get first batch of Apache helicopters by July 2019.

About Apache advanced multi role helicopters

  1. The Apache is most advanced multi role helicopter and its primary users are US Army, Israeli Army, Egyptian Army and Royal Netherlands Air Force.
  2. The first Apache attack helicopter was delivered to US Army in January 1984 and till date it has completed more than 4.2 million flight hours for US Army.
  3. Till now Boeing has delivered 2200 Apache attack helicopters to different Air Force in the world.
  4. The Apache helicopters are featured with nose mounted sensor suite for target acquisition and night vision systems.
  5. The Apache advanced multi role helicopter can fly at a maximum speed of 284 kilometers per hour.
  6. The Apache advanced multi role helicopters are equipped with laser guided precision hellfire missiles, 30mm automatic cannon with 1200 high explosive, dual purpose ammunition and 70mm rockets.
  7. The Apache advanced multi role helicopters are equipped with advanced technology which includes long range weapon accuracy, all weather and night fighting and detection of moving or stationery objects.
  8. The Apache attack helicopter can carry missiles like AGM-114 Hellfire variants, AIM-92 Stinger and Spike missiles.


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