Indian Army to get 464 Russian originated T-90 main battle tanks

Image: Army Technology

In an another major step towards strengthening Indian Army, Defence Ministry has cleared the proposal to acquire 464 T-90 main battle tanks at a cost of Rs 13,448 crore. The T-90 main battle tanks are third generation Russian originated battle tanks. This year in April Cabinet Committee on security cleared the licence acquisition from Russia. The licenced manufactured T-90 main battle tanks are known as ‘Bhishma’ main battle tanks in India.

The T-90 main battle tanks are manufactured by Avadi Heavy Vehicle Factory under Ordnance Factory Board. The Avadi Heavy Vehicle Factory will manufacture T-90 main battle tanks with Russian kits. According to sources, Defence Ministry will soon place order to Avadi Heavy Vehicle Factory to manufacture 464 T-90 main battle tanks. Indian Army will get delivery of first 64 tanks in 30-41 months.

Currently Indian Army has 1070 T-90 tanks, 124 Arjun tanks and 2400 old T-72 tanks. The step of acquiring T-90 main battle tanks has come in time when Indian Army is reformatting its entire war fighting machinery.


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