How ISRO’s satellites saved many people lives from Cyclone Fani?

Image: Deccan Chronicals

Cyclone Fani originated from a tropical depression west of Sumatra in Indian Ocean on 26 th April is the strongest tropical cyclone to hit Indian state of Odisha since Phailin in 2013. The Cyclone Fani hit the Odisha coast at a speed of 175 kmph. The name of Cyclone Fani means snake or hood of snake is suggested by Bangladesh.

The United Nation has praised India’s efforts in minimizing loss of life and injury due to Cyclone Fani. Approximately 1.2 million people were saved in just 24 hours of time. It is said that 30-40 people lost their lives due to Cyclone Fani. But if appropriate measures would have not taken death figures would have been much higher.

Five ISRO satellites which helped IMD to save lives of many people
As per the observations made in southern Indian Ocean by meteorologists five Indian satellites were constantly tracking Cyclone Fani. The five satellites are Insat-3D, Insat-3DR, Scatsat-1, Oceansat-2 and Megha tropiques. It is also said that with the help of this satellites IMD was able to forecast exact location of where the Cyclone Fani will make landfall. Due to this 11.5 lakh people have been evacuated from the states of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.


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