Former Indian Army Chief Dalbir Singh Suhag appointed Indian high commissioner to Seychelles

Dalbir Singh Suhag - Image: PTI (File)

India’s strengthening international relations are not new more. The past visits by to the foreign nations by our Ministers and the help we receive from them during various fortunate or unfortunate events are the proof our strong global tie-ups. The talks regarding India’s international tie-ups are again into discussion now with the appointment of Dalbir Singh Suhag as India’s next high commissioner to the East African country of Seychelles.

Though this name shouldn’t be new to many, Dalbir Singh Suhag has also served the Nation as the former army chief and important security related events like the surgical strike of 2016 were also conducted during his time.

It is not new when any defence personnel have been appointed as an envoy to other country. The previous government had appointed the former Indian Navy chief Nirmal Kumar Verma as the High Commissioner to Canada and his successor Sureesh Mehta had been appointed as the High Commissioner to New Zealand. Former Air Chief N.A.K. Browne had been appointed as an ambassador to Norway. In spite of the similar previous events, the current event of Suhag’s appointment as an envoy to Seychelles arises some questions.

India has been planning to build a coast guard facility in Seychelles Assumption Island to increase its presence in the Indian Ocean region, especially after China’s increasing presence in the same region. The pact to build this facility was signed by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Indian Ocean tour where Seychelles was one of three countries the Prime Minister had visited the plan could not be smoothly worked upon with the Seychelles parliament blocking its proper execution.

With Dalbir Singh Suhag’s appointment as an envoy to Seychelles, the hopes for improving the international relations with Seychelles have arose and especially affirmative defence cooperation can now be expected from the other side leading to India’s better security and positive presence in the Indian Ocean region.


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