To protect Paramilitary personnel from IED explosions, Government sanctions 613.96 crore for purchase of new mine protected vehicles

Image: Army Technology

Due to heavy casualties of Paramilitary personnel in Naxalism affected areas and in Jammu and Kashmir due to IED explosions, The Central Government has sanctioned Rs 613.96 crore for Paramilitary personnel of Central reserve police force and Border security force for purchase of Bullet proof jackets, Ambulance and Mine protected vehicles. The Government has also sanctioned Rs 16.84 crore to National security guard (NSG) for purchase of seven remotely operated vehicles.

Mine protected vehicles
The Mine protected vehicles are manufactured by Ordnance factory board. Mine protected vehicles have length of 6 meters, width of 2.90 meters and height of 3.07 meters. They can carry 10 to 12 passengers. Mine protected vehicles are diesel vehicles with weight of 1400 kg. They protect security personnel from IED explosions and small arm fires.

Remotely operated vehicles
Remotely operated vehicles are operated by operator who is not inside the vehicle. The vehicle is controlled through cable or line or radio control. The Remotely operated vehicles are capable of carrying surveillance inside railway stations, buses, metro, big buildings, temples and have capability of defusing IEDs without human interventions.


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