FIFA on Thursday announced the FIFA World Football Rankings. As per the rankings India jumps two spots and was ranked 101 st position. Belgium with 1737 points tops the global list of FIFA World Football Rankings. France with 1734 and Brazil with 1676 points were ranked second and third in the list of FIFA World Football rankings.

Top 10 Football teams in the world


How can India qualify for FIFA World Cup?
Currently India is having 101 st position in the World Football Rankings and 18 th position in Asia. India does not require to defeat Belgium, France, Brazil or any other top side to qualify for FIFA World Cup. To get qualified for FIFA World Cup Indian Football team needs to target AFC Asian Cup. The AFC Asian Cup was held this year in January 2019. The AFC Asian Cup was won by Qatar by defeating Japan 3-1 in final. India’s performance in AFC Asian Cup was quite good. India defeated Thailand by 4-1, but lost to UAE by 0-2 and Bahrain by 0-1. Though India lost to UAE and Bahrain but India gave tough fight to both the teams.

Indian Football team needs to improve their performance against Asian teams and needs to develop themselves as best football team in Asia. India needs to beat best Asian sides like Japan, Qatar, South Korea, Iran and United Arab Emirates (UAE). If India develops potential to beat this sides than India can easily qualify the FIFA qualification round organized by FIFA before World Cup and after winning qualification India can qualify for FIFA World Cup.


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