Why Rahul Gandhi selected Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency? Also know about Wayanad district

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In Lok Sabha elections 2019 Congress President Rahul Gandhi has decided to fight from two Lok Sabha constituencies. First is Amethi his home seat from where he has won three times since 2004.The second seat from where Rahul Gandhi will fight in upcoming Lok Sabha election is Wayanad seat of Kerala, from where he filed his nomination on Thursday. Here Indian National Congress has formed alliance of political parties which is named United Democratic Front (Kerala). In this alliance there are total six political parties which includes Indian National Congress, Indian Union Muslim League, Kerala Congress(M), Kerala Congress (Jacob), Revolutionary socialist party and All India Forward Bloc.

About Wayanad
Formed on 1st November 1980 Wayanad is 12 th district in state of Kerala. Wayanad is derived from Vayal Nadu which means Land of paddy fields in English. Wayanad district has border with two Indian states, Karnataka in north and north east and Tamil Nadu in south east. The district has total population of 817,420 people. The official languages used are Malayalam and English. Wayanad is a Muslim dominated area where Muslim with 48% population are in majority. Here Hindus with 41% and Christians with 11% population are in minority. Though Kerala is considered as developed state of India, the Wayanad district is one of the backward district in state of Kerala which lacks in education, health and basic infrastructure.

Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency
The Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency is the 20 th Lok Sabha constituency formed in 2009 in the state of Kerala. Since 2009 from its formation M.I Shanavas of Indian National Congress has won the seats for two consecutive terms. In Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency Communist party of India is the second largest party after Indian National Congress. There are total seven assembly constituencies in Wayanad.

Is Wayanad safe seat for Rahul Gandhi?
As stated by Bhartiya Janata Party that Rahul Gandhi has selected safest seat for winning in upcoming general elections. The questions arises, but the answer can be yes as the Muslim population has been a strong voter of Indian National Congress. So Wayanad is Muslim dominated area with 48% of Muslim population. Here Hindus with 41% and Christians with 11% population are in minority. On the other side Indian union Muslim league is in alliance with Indian National Congress which has strong hold on Muslim population of Wayanad.


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