God of Cricket wishes Indian Cricket team ahead of World Cup

Courtesy: India Today

Sachin Tendulkar took on instagram to remember this day when India lifted the world cup in 2011 and termed it as his best moment of cricketing life. The master further wished India to win the upcoming world cup in England and add to one more star to the present three stars displayed by BCCI. Several other cricketers too shared world cup memories on social media. A day when the 28 year old wait came to an end will always stay with every Indian. Tears, joy, cheers, celebration all emotions will be relived if India can do it yet another time in 2019.

Let’s cherish those moments:

1.Happiest Faces

2. We celebrated, whole nation celebrated


4. The Sun also witnessed that celebration

5. Extraordinary contribution of this man

Here’s Incredible moment of Indian cricket


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