A recipient of India’s highest military award Param Vir Chakra posthumously Abdul Hamid was an Indian soldier born on 1 st July 1933 in Dhampur village, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. At an early age of 21 years he joined Grenadiers regiment of Indian Army on 27th December 1954.

Battle of Asal Uttar
The battle of Asal Uttar fought during Indo-Pakistani war in 1965 from September 8-10 is considered as one of the largest tank battles fought in world history. In this battle Indian Army destroyed 99+ Pakistani army tanks at loss of only 10 tanks.

On 8 th September 1965 Pakistani army consisting of 1st armoured division and 11 th infantry division captured Indian town of khem karan. At that time 4th battalion of which Abdul Hamid was part saw Pakistani tanks. Seeing the situation Abdul Hamid with his battalion fired on Pakistani tanks and Abdul Hamid with his RCL Gun Jeep destroyed first Pakistani tank. After few time Pakistani army again attacked with tanks. At around 11:30 AM Abdul Hamid knocked out another Pakistani tank.

The battalion of Abdul Hamid was targeted by Pakistani Sabre jets and armoured attacks at different time intervals but Pakistani army was unable to succeed. By evening Abdul Hamid had destroyed total of four Pakistani patton tanks. The 4th battalion destroyed total of 13 Pakistani patton tanks.

On 10 th September 1965 Pakistani attacked Abdul Hamid’s battalion with more fire power. But this time also Abdul Hamid with his RCL Gun Jeep shot down two Pakistani tanks. By this time Pakistani tanks spotted Abdul Hamid RCL Jeep and targeted Abdul Hamid’s Jeep with Machine Gun and high explosive fire. By this attack he was badly injured but still he kept on firing on enemy tanks. In this High explosive fire he was badly wounded and died on 10 th September 1965.

India has awarded Abdul Hamid with Param Vir Chakra, Samar Seva Star, Raksha Medal and Sainya Seva Medal.


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