Welcoming IPL 2019 with a controversial episode as KXIP captain Ravichandran Ashwin Mankaded out Joss Buttler on Monday resulting in a 14 run win over Rajasthan Royals. Ashwin is facing the heat following the incident.

‘Mankading’ named after legendary Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad is a way of dismissing a batsman at non-striker end by removing the bails before bowler bowls the delivery when the latter is outside the crease. It is considered as a legal dismissal according to the Laws of Cricket. The dismissal is considered a valid one only when a batsman leaves the crease early, before a bowler loads a delivery or completes action. The ball is considered to be dead for any such situation. The word ‘Mankad’ derived from Australian media’s criticism of Vinoo Mankad dismissing out Bill Brown twice led to this addition of rule. Since then, it is considered to be unsportsmanlike. Bowlers avoid using this sort of dismissal with respect to spirit of the game. A incident where Courtney Walsh stopped himself from running out Salim Jaffar through this method resulted in West Indies losing the game against Pakistan during the 1987 world cup.

Topic becoming the talk of town has resulted in various opinions among fans and critics. Ashwin being criticized in a era, which is more batsman friendly leaving very little margin of error for a bowler is too harsh according to some fans and experts. Crease is a important factor in this game. We often see batsman nearly avoiding run out by a inch due to the early start that gives momentum to complete a run. On the other side there lies no benefit for a bowler as far as no ball is concerned.

This episode has raised various questions on whether to consider this as against the spirit of game or to consider it as valid and favor on part of a bowler. We can leave it to the fans and cricketing world as the game progresses in future.


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